Publications and Presentations


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Journal articles and Book chapters

Drummond, Rob and Carrie, Erin (in preparation) ‘Regional identity and grime’.

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Newspaper/mainstream/A Level articles

Drummond, Rob (2017) ‘Style-shifting – The curious case of MLE and the interview candidates.’ English and Media Centre e-magazine, September, p62-64.

Drummond, Rob (2017) ‘Who do you think you’re apostrophising? The dark side of grammar pedantry’ The Conversation. 5th April. [Available online here]

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Drummond, Rob (2016) ‘Slang shouldn’t be banned, it should be celebrated, innit’. The Conversation. 3rd May 2016. [Available online here]

Drummond, Rob (2016) ‘What grammar pedants and fashion victims have in common’. The Conversation/The Independent. 3rd March 2016. [Available online here]

Blog posts

Drummond, Rob (2015) ‘Thoughts on Lindsay Johns and Ghetto Grammar’ UrBEn-ID.

Drummond, Rob (2015) ‘Youth Slang in the official Scrabble word list’ UrBEn-ID.

Conference proceedings

Drummond, Rob (2010) ‘Speaking like the locals – the acquisition of two local variants in the spoken English of native Polish speakers living in Manchester’. In Dziubalska-Kolaczyk, K., Wrembel, M. and Kul, M. (eds) New Sounds 2010: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech. 106-112.

Conference Presentations and Invited Talks 

2017. ‘Urban youth language, ethnography and impact’. UKLVC11. 29th Aug – 1st Sep, Cardiff University. [download pdf here]

2017. (with Erin Carrie) ‘The Accent Van: Methods in community-oriented linguistics research. UKLVC11. 29th Aug – 1st Sep, Cardiff University.

2017. ‘Maybe it’s a Grime [t]ing: th-stopping and urban British youth.’ iMean 5 Conference 2017. 6-8th April, University of the West of England.

2017. ‘Utilising urban youth language research: helping teachers deal with things going wrong.’ iMean 5 Conference 2017. 6-8th April, University of the West of England.

2017. Keynote Speaker. ‘Urban Youth Language: the Grimy Side of Linguistics Research’. English and Media Centre emagazine Student Conference for A Level English Language. 28th Feb 2017. Friends House, Euston Rd, London

2016. ‘It’s a grime [t]ing: Exploring th-stopping in a challenging environment’Guest speaker seminar series, Queen Mary University London. 16th Nov.

2016. Plenary Speaker. ‘Linguistic research in a challenging environment: youth language and identity in urban Britain’. University of Huddersfield 2nd Annual Linguistics and Modern Languages Postgraduate Conference. 30th June.

2016. (with Erin Carrie) ‘Posh, artsy, rough, country and working-class: Perceptions of urban language varieties in Manchester’ Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, 15-18 Jun, University of Murcia.

2016. (with Susan Dray) ‘Becoming Jamal: the materials of ‘prestige’ amongst boys in a Pupil Referral Unit’ Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, 15-18 Jun, University of Murcia.

2015. ‘’Gimme dat ting’: Word initial th-stopping among urban British youth’. NWAV 44, Oct 22-25, University of Toronto. [download poster here]

2015. ‘Tales of the unpredictable: researching TH-stopping in urban British English’ UKLVC 10, 1-3 Sep, University of York. [download poster here]

2015. ‘(Mis)interpreting urban youth language’. Journal of youth studies conference 2015. 30th March – 1st April, University of Copenhagen.

2015. ‘Linguistic research in a challenging environment: youth language and identity in urban Britain’. 10th March. Linguistics Circle. Lancaster University.

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2013. ‘Understanding Multicultural Manchester English: breaking down barriers for young people in Manchester’. Invited talk at MMU Centre for World Cultures and Languages Seminar Research Programme. Manchester Metropolitan University. 13th March.

2012. ‘The blue GOOSE and the yellow FLEECE: a study into vowel/colour associations’. British Association of Academic Phoneticians (BAAP) Colloquium. 26th-28th March. Leeds University [download pdf here]

2012. ‘Dialect acquisition in a second language – towards a usage-based explanation of vowel variation’. Invited talk at Northumbria University Linguistics Seminar Series. Northumbria University. 27th February.

2011. ‘Dialect acquisition in a second language – towards a usage-based explanation of vowel variation’. The 8th UK Language Variation and Change Conference (UKLVC8). 12th-14th September. Edge Hill University

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2011. ‘Dialect acquisition in a second language – a usage-based explanation of vowel variation’. Invited talk at the Language in Context Research Group. 16th Feb. University of Edinburgh.

2010. ‘Poles in Manchester: social factors affecting the acquisition of local speech features’. Dialect and Social Change in Urban Diasporic Communities. 1st & 2nd July. Queen Mary, University of London.