Media and Public Engagement

I have appeared as a language expert on various TV and radio broadcasts, discussing a variety of language-related stories from youth language, to language and identity, to accent prejudice, to punctuation, to new words in the dictionary.

Recent appearances include:

  • BBC Radio 4 – Archive on 4 – Could the PM have a Brummie accent? (available here)
  • BBC Radio 3 – The Verb – accent and regional identity (available here)
  • BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking – accent and status/identity (available here)
  • BBC Breakfast (BBC1 TV)
  • Victoria Derbyshire (BBC2 TV – short clip available here)
  • The Russell Brand show (Radio X – available here)
  • BBC World Service (Why do we find some voices irritating? – available here)
  • BBC World Service (When parents can’t keep up – available here)
  • BBC Radio 5 Live
  • BBC Radio Manchester
  • Other regional BBC radio stations including: Lancashire, Merseyside, Newcastle, York, Cornwall, Leeds, London, Cumbria, Hull, Jersey, West Midlands. 

I have written for The Conversation on various language-related topics such as language pedantry (which also appeared in The Independent), the banning of slang in schools, grime and youth language, the accent and subsequent discrimination of Angela Rayner MP, the reason why people sing in an American accent (with Erin Carrie), the rights and wrongs of correcting rogue apostrophes, and accent and identity in The Archers.

I have also contributed to stories in various other media outlets including BBC NewsBBC magazine, The Independent, Metro, and Manchester Evening News.

I give public talks on Accent and Identity through Funzing. Recent dates include: